Along with confusion as to who can claim official status for the world dominoes championships and the world Bunco championships, I’m currently confused as to who can claim to represent the world for a championship in Mahjong.

The third World Series of Mahjong (the first two were 2007 and 2008, with 2009 being skipped) will take place in Macao in mid-August.

This event, though it comes with a $1 million prize, is not certified by the World Mahjong Organization, established in 2006, which has also managed to run two championship events: an unofficial one (number zero) in 2002, and another in 2007. Their “second” (third) event is scheduled for the end of August in Holland.

Then we have the World Mahjong Tour, promoted by a media company, and the World Mahjong Federation. I don’t know what they do.