The China Global Times pimps board games and the many new Chinese board game cafes. And we’re not talking only Go and Xiangqi, but many Eurogames. One of the games mentioned is Sanguosha aka Killers of the Three Kingdoms, a Chinese knockoff of Bang! themed around a popular story. Source calls the game “the most popular game in China”, which I somehow doubt. (source) An interesting story about the game here.

Taiwan also has its board game cafes. (source)

Nara Schoenberg of The Chicago Tribune pimps Candyland, Trouble, Clue Jr, Battleship, and Blokus, based on the advice of Janine Remillard, an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s graduate school of education. (source)

The Stirling Observer pimps a board game designed by an 8 year old, without providing much in the way of details. (source) He will be demoing at Chitag.