Cholent, the Game is a game in production from new sggc Epicure Games – or so BGG tells, me. The company’s name doesn’t appear on the site.

The game is a simple blind bidding filler card game. Flip over an event card, which also tells you how many ingredients are up for auction, blind bid on the ingredients, and take the cards. Each player also gets a one-time Chevra card to use as in instant effect.

I’m a little concerned about the rule that says each player starts the game with 4 gelt cards, since it looks like the gelt cards have random amounts of money, thus giving some people a decided advantage or disadvantage before the game starts. I’d also like to rewrite the rules as they have them on the website, to eliminate a number of ambiguities.

Otherwise, looks ok for an original Jewish-themed game (most of which are not worth mentioning).