Dylan Loeb McClain is my new favorite blogger; he writes the Chess blog Gambit for the NY Times website, and I find myself tempted to link to nearly everything he writes. Two of his latest are about an available position as Chess instructor for the Peace Corps and some Chess-themed television advertisements.

A blog in the Washington Examiner pimps Bridge and the regional 4000+ person strong Bridge tournament. I guess people still play. The Courier of Montgomery County also pimps Bridge.

Maurice Ashley, the first black Chess grandmaster, is pimping his puzzle game Pawn Mower, in which you have to move a rook to capture all of the pawns without any wasted moves. Source calls it “the Sudoku of Chess”, but it’s actually more like the “Rush Hour of Chess”.

And scientists have named a new gene they discovered, which plays a role in the battle between healthy and cancerous genes, the “Mahjong” gene. (source)