Deniath will be a new “private-sale” website for the hobby game and comic market, selling items at “up to 70%” off for a limited time window, which makes the site sound a lot like Tanga and its ilk.

Also, the site is “invitation only”, but invitations are available freely and un-exclusively Update: this offer expired in Sept, 2010. Update: Wade adds: “The Invitations are only widely available this summer at the conventions. After that, they will only [be] available though current member invitations.” If you’d like a free invite (and, apparently, a free Zendikar booster pack in limited quantities), contact them and tell them Purple Pawn sent you.

The site is co-founded and run by Wade Sugiyama, a former WizKids manager; the other co-founders, the sponsors, the vendors contributing items, and all other information is still pending the signing of contracts. Wade stuck around at NECA for a while to help them relaunch Heroclix, but left in March and has devoted his time to this site.