Well this is breaking news. It was just a couple of weeks ago that Josh was showing us new pictures of Dust Tactics miniatures from Origins and telling us how eager AEG was to support the game. Two days ago, I reported on AEG’s release of Mad Zeppelin.

It seems, though, that all these products were just too much. Alderac Entertainment Group is transferring most of the Dust Games-developed properties to Fantasy Flight Games. These include Dust Tactics, City of Thieves, Arcana, and Mad Zeppelin, but not The Adventurers. According to Todd Rowland, AEG’s Senior Brand Manager:

The combination of all the Dust Games releases, the scheduled AEG releases, and support for Legend of the Five Rings and Thunderstone had us growing faster than planned.

The transfer will take place immediately, with FFG handling the launch of Dust Tactics and City of Thieves at Gen Con.