“On the world’s bloodiest gameshow you must kill to survive.”

That’s the tagline for Hell for Leather, a RPG with no GM, a weird board game element, and tons and tons of  “sexy gore”

The designer even brags about how the game was banned from RPG.net. Digging a bit deeper, only play reports of the game have been banned. Due to the graphic nature the game can take, it was considered offensive, and no play reports of the game are allowed to be posted on RPG.net.

I have to say the game looks interesting. It’s a storytelling game, but the central mechanic relies around shooting a ten sided die at a target with a tower of 6 sided dice in the center. The basic idea is that you want the d10 to end up in the circle, but not knock down the tower.

In the game, you’re playing as contestants on a bloody, violent, game show. It feels like very, very dark humor. So while the game is supposedly very violent and graphic, I can imagine there’ll be a ton of laughs while playing.

You can download a free version of the game here, or buy a print-and-play or deluxe printed version here.