As usual, I’m skipping the card shufflers and dealers …

Auto racing board game – By Carrie Moats. A roll and move game. Carrie claims her design is patent-worthy because, unlike previous auto-racing games, a) hers is re-playable, and b) it doesn’t come with cars, so it costs less and lets you use your own.

Suit variable mahjong tile and a mahjong gaming apparatus with suit variable mahjong tiles – Typical electronic forms of Mahjong use video screens, which detracts from the main sensual aspect of Mahjong, i.e. playing with the tiles. This patent is for electronic tiles, each of which can display any Mahjong face value and suit, as well as several associated peripheral ideas.

I think its more of a theoretical idea than an actual working project.

Method and system for playing a game with matching pieces and a bonus score – Electronic Memory game.

Poker game with sequential hand opportunity – Poker, where, whenever you have a winning hand, you can opt to play again with the aim of beating your winning hand.

Recursive team-oriented chess-like game for entertainment and training – A freakishly bizarre patent by David John Kershaw. The abstract:

This invention is a networked board game apparatus and method of playing a customized game for 2 or more players on recursively organized boards, and a method for applying the aforementioned to leadership, communications, and team building education, and further to apply the aforementioned to the specific form of Chess. Applied to form of Chess, the first board is identical to a chessboard. The second board is an 8.times. multiple of the first board. Tartary boards follow this exponential growth. Players alternate moving pieces to a game-ending condition. Two players lead, the next 32 players play on a second board. Each first board move changes the positions of a second board player’s pieces by a uniform transformation where the first board piece’s new position is a function moving the second board player’s pieces, which then continue from their new positions, potentially affecting deeper levels.

Casino card game – A video version of Texas Hold’em where at least one hole card is discarded based on some criteria before the game continues.

Method and apparatus for game play – Yet another patent for the now defunct art board game Paradice.

Bet the house blackjack – Blackjack, with additional side bets on the eventual configuration of the dealer’s hand.

Trivia game and method of play – A group trivia game, where players are gradually eliminated until only one player is remaining.

Device for holding and viewing playing cards – Yet another card viewing device.

Two level shut the box game – A two-row game of Shut the Box. The game-play follows the design.

Multiplayer game with strategic element – Yet another patent for Wits And Wagers by North Star Games.