I guess the title pretty much sums it up. You’ll see where this is going in a later post today.

I’m mostly talking RPGs here, but everyone feel free to chime in.

How “Adult” do you make your campaigns? I have to say that most of the Dungeons & Dragons games I played back in the day where pretty tame in that category. They were mostly about delving dungeons, finding treasure, and completing the quest. My HDL games, not that adult either. Even my Werewolf games were not that adult.

My Vampire and Wraith: The Oblivion games where another story all together, but still nothing too bad.

That brings me to a story about an HDL setting I was working on. While it didn’t really seem like it on the surface, the underlaying theme of the setting was very adult, to the point of finally thinking about having to shrink wrap it on store shelves. The setting didn’t force you to play in any certain way, but things could have gotten a bit carried away. In the end the project was shelved for the time being.

So how about it? How adult do you make your games?