This might come as a nice surprise.

  1. Bananagrams – Bananagrams
  2. The Settlers of Catan – Mayfair Games
  3. Dominion – Rio Grande Games
  4. Qwirkle – MindWare
  5. Apples to Apples – Mattel
  6. SET Game – SET Enterprises
  7. Ticket to Ride – Days of Wonder
  8. UNO – Mattel
  9. Five Crowns – SET Enterprises
  10. Blokus – Mattel
  11. Quiddler – SET Enterprises
  12. The Settlers of Catan 5-6 Player Extension – Mayfair Games
  13. Scrabble Slam – Hasbro
  14. Carcassonne – Rio Grande Games
  15. Pandemic – Z-Man Games
  16. LCR – George and Co
  17. Boochie – Gamewright
  18. Pound of Dice – Chessex
  19. Settlers of Catan Bundle (base plus 5-6 player expansion) – Mayfair Games
  20. Dutch Blitz – Dutch Blitz Game Co

Admittedly, the next 20 are not quite as interesting, but probably more expected: Monopoly, Sorry, etc.

The message: not everyone is buying the same games as the ones bought by their parents, wrapped in new themes. At least in the US.

The UK list is rather more dismal looking. Amazon France looks a bit better, but not much. Amazon Canada has no game store. Amazon China has a toy store, but no game store. Japan‘s store looks interesting, if I could figure out what the heck any of it meant; they have some Dominion, classic abstracts, and Bakugan. Germany is somewhere between Japan and the US.

The common factor: all top lists have Uno.