Time to throw all of those Toy Story 2 items in the trash. We’ve got Toy Story 3 items now.

Despite the grand creativity of the Pixar storytellers, it should come as no surprise that this creativity doesn’t extend to their licensing department. What’s surprising is how many ways they have to repackage games in different combinations.

Toy Story 3 Operation Buzz Lightyear – From the name, I can only assume that other versions are planned for the other characters.

Toy Story 3 Memory Game – One of several versions.

Toy Story 3 Buckaroo – I think the idea is to put the items on the bucking horse before it kicks.

Toy Story 3 Alien Rescue Claw Game – Grab the plastic pieces from the rotating disk.

Toy Story 3 Alien Fishing Game – I think this is the same thing, for one player.

Toy Story 3 – Five Game Plus Puzzle Set – Checkers, Bingo, Tic Tac Toe, cards for playing Rummy, and Dominoes.

Toy Story 3 Alien Shaped 3 Game Tub – Cards (I don’t know which) and Checkers.

Toy Story 3 Alien Shaped 6 Game Tub – 2 card games (doesn’t say which), Checkers, Tic Tac, Toe, Dominoes, and Bingo

Toy Story 3 Bingo Board Game – Just Bingo.

Toy Story 3 Connect Four – Pictures on the disks. That’s all.

Toy Story 3 Yahtzee Jr. Game – Pictures on the dice.

Toy Story 3 Three in One Game Pack – Checkers and cards for playing War.

Toy Story 3 Checkers and Tic Tac Toe

Toy Story 3 Hunt and Seek Board Game – An “I Spy” game.

Toy Story 3 Two Card Games – Cards for playing War and Rummy.

Toy Story 3 3-D Playing Cards & Glasses Set – I don’t know the game.

Toy Story 3 Card Game and Puzzle Set – Woody – Checkers and cards for playing Go Fish.

Toy Story 3 Fish & Snap Card Games – Two card games.

Toy Story 3 Trouble

Toy Story 3 Scrabble Jr

Toy Story 3 – The Trios Game – The Memory Game where you have to find all three cards of a set.

Toy Story 3: 4 Card Games – Cards for playing Rummy, Go Fish, Snap, and War.

Toy Story 3 Uno Card Game – Of course.

Toy Story 3 Dominoes Game In Tin

Toy Story 3 Woody’s Run-Around Round Up – Throw the four guys on the floor, and then run to pick them up in order.

Toy Story 3 Stortytime Board Game – View disk, make up stories.

Toy Story 3 It’s Play Time … – Electronic quiz book.

Toy Story 3 Find it First Game – An “I Spy” game with book and cards.

Toy Story 3 Edition Chutes & Ladders – I’m wondering if this is actually a licensed product.

Toy Story 3 Toy Hunt Board Game – A roll and move game.

Toy Story 3 Playing Cards – Six pack from US Playing Card Co.