Toronto, CA: Toronto police seized and displayed weapons from the G20 protesters. However, some of the alleged weapons were actually LARP gear from a guy on his way to a LARP event. (source) Yes, that was us who gave the tip to Boing Boing.

Harrisburg, PA: Man with a gun robs a house card game. (source)

Jakarta, Indonesia: Three people publicly caned for playing cards at a wedding party. (source)

Montgomery, AL: Three men shot at a dice game in a barber shop. (source) Yet another man was shot dead at yet another dice game. (source)

Brooklyn, NY: Woman wins $80,000 lawsuit against city for false accusations about attacking a friend over a game of Scrabble, possibly stemming from sexual orientation stereotyping and discrimination. (source)

Gaza Strip: Hamas activists burn down “corrupting” UN summer camps for children, including compounds, toys, and games. (source) Natch, the only alternative to the UN summer camps are the ones run by Hamas.

Rocky Mount, NC: Two guys rob a card game. (source)

Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia: 13 Indonesian women arrested for gambling on Mahjong. (source)

Fort Collins, CO: Jury deliberates on whether a former teacher sexually assaulted a nine-year old girl, some of which (if it occurred) happened during a board game while her parents were asleep. (source)

Chester, PA: Several men killed during a robbery of a Spades game in a garage. (source)

Spartansburg, SC: A man accused of cheating at a card game shoots his friend in the thigh, (source)

Sodertalje, Sweden: Two men shot and killed at a card game. (source)