One of the hottest new games on display at Gen Con was Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer. Gary Games, the publisher, had sold at least 450 copies when I spoke to them on Sunday morning.

Ascension falls in that very popular category these days of deck-building games. It has two unique features, though. First, there are no play or buy limits on a turn. Players can activate as many cards as they have available, or purchase as many as they can afford. Second, the cards available for purchase are not in static piles, but rather are revealed six at a time from a common supply deck.

Gary Games is a startup publisher formed within the last year by four Magic pro tour champions. As players they enjoyed deck building card games but wanted something more dynamic.

The main supply of games is on a ship and should enter distribution as soon as it arrives in the United States. Gary Games is also planning support for in-store play, including the distribution of unique promo cards.