This week, two game conventions compete for your attention. Gen Con is certainly the bigger of the two, but WBC (The World Boardgaming Championships) also has quite a lot going for it. Gen Con is a major industry event with a large exhibition hall, many new games being previewed and released, organized events and open gaming, business deals in the bars and back rooms, and non-game but geeky things going on. WBC is tournament focused, and as you might guess from its name, all about board games—new and old, strategy and thematic, with a healthy representation by war games. At Gen Con, you’ll find a lot of RPGs and CCGs, plus LARPs, miniatures, board games, and even some video games.

Unfortunately, we can’t go to both. But watch here for my reports from Gen Con. I’ll be there for the entire show, spending a good amount of time on the show floor, but also taking a little time to play some games. For up to the minute coverage, you can follow Purple Pawn’s Twitter account, or even mine.