Democs is a card-based planning and problem solving tool, where participants use cards to address important issues and try to come to consensus. Dozens of kits addressing global problems have been created [1].

Democs was created by the New Economics Foundation [3].


Democs has been adapted by the European Commision’s Facilitators’ Units Network for Debates (FUND) to create PlayDecide. Well, more appropriated with blessings than adapted, as it seems to be the same game. PlayDecide has created several tool kits to debate European issues.


[1] For instance, the ESRC (Economic & Social Research Council) Genomics Forum [2] created a Democs game kit to address issues in synthetic biology. (source) It is released under a Creative Commons license.

[2] The ESRC is a UK organization funding research and training in economic and social issues. The Genomics Network is a project by the ESRC for investigating the science and technologies of genomics (the study of genomes). The Genomics Forum is a branch of the Genomics Network which tries to bring together scientists studying genomics inside and outside the UK.

[3] A UK think-tank dealing with economic well-being.