Ex illis from Bastion Studios offers fantasy miniatures war gaming with an online component. The software (which works on a PC, Mac, or iPhone/iPod) tracks each unit’s attributes, lets players know what tactical options are available on their turns, and executes the calculations necessary to resolve combat. It seems that Bastion’s approach was to develop a highly detailed and complex rules system, but couple it with software that would try to make it fun rather than burdensome for the players. The Rule Keeper software also animates combat and allows individual units to benefit from experience. That is, the miniatures level up from one game to the next.

Bastion releases a new unit most months for Ex illis and their latest is The Archangels. The six figures in the box can be assembled as either Evocati or Nephilim (good or evil). When activated with Rule Keeper, the software will record the player’s chosen side.

Also on display at Gen Con but shipping in October was The Emissarius, a towering monster for the battlefield.