PVP, an online comic which normally discusses electronic games, takes a blow at co-operative board games in the form of Gamewright’s Forbidden Island. (source)

Kotaku pimps The Settlers of Catan for Microsoft Surface. (source)


The Pueblo Chieftain pimps Mahjong and the old ladies who play it. (source)

The Augusta Chronicle disses both Chess and Checkers and begs for an abstract game that is somewhere between them. (source) Feel free to oblige him.


KHQA pimps a Quincy finalist headed to The Settlers of Catan competition at Gen-Con. (source) Source quotes a local game store owner explaining the game as “Basically, the goal of the game is to build the Green City and settle on the Island of Catan”. I expect that something got lost in translation.

The China Global Times pimps board game bars. (source)

The Sheboygan Press pimps summer board gaming at The GameBoard. (source)

The Oregonian pimps Carey Grayson, designer of 24/7 The Game, now of Gryphon Games (part of FRED Distribution). Steve Ellis of Rainy Day Games is also mentioned. (source)