Gen Con pimping

WTHR pimps (30,000 attendees, $29.5 million to be spent). (source) WTHR worries that there are not enough taxis available for all of the Gen Con attendees (28,000). (source)

The Indy Star anticipates a lack of coffee (30,000). (source)The Indy Star complains over the lack of coffee (30,000). (source) The Indy Star (28,000). (source)

The Courier Journal (28,000, $26.9 million). (source)

The Indiana Business Journal pimps the games and the nerd culture. (source)

WXIN Fox (30,000).

Meanwhile …

Australian Gamer interviews Ian Houlihan to find out why he canceled Gen Con Australia. (source)

CBS 21 on the World Board Gaming Championships. (source)

The Economist pimps some credit crunch games, including the upcoming Billionaire Tycoon and Monopoly Revolution. (source)

Ars Technica review Arkham Horror. (source)

Toy News has an excellent look at this year’s CCG and sticker market. (source)