Verbal Volley by sggc Mindfullgames and designed by Kristin Edmonds, is a straightforward language party game.

Flip cards, and the first to shout a synonym (round 1) or antonym (round 3) gets the card. Repeat. In rounds 2 and 4, players call synonyms or antonyms for a single card until one person can’t. That player gets some negative points. Player with most cards/points is the winner.

The game is being marketed as an educational tool, so it has lots of clinical sounding copy as well as a disclaimer that the game is not actually prescriptive.

Update from the publisher: I am glad you believe that our product, Verbal Volley, seems like merely a straightforward party game. We like it to feel that way.

Actually, Verbal Volley was originally designed at the request of a public school district in Saint Louis, MO, which wanted games to address state and federal education standards. Because of its evidence-based design, Verbal Volley can be purchased with federal funds. It is also an evidence-based clinical tool for stroke and head injury rehabilitation. We are glad to have made a cognitive training tool that is such fun that children ask to play it at recess. Thank you for your review.

Kristin Edmonds, MM MA CCC-SLP
President, Mindfull Games