Cleveland, OH: Continuing Cleveland news from last week, a man invites some guys home to play cards, and one shoots him dead in the chest after they get into a fight. (source)

Westmoreland, Jamaica: guess. (source)

Oklahoma City, OK: Man stabbed following a card game. (source)

Mumbai, India: Woman lures her boyfriend into a card game of “Do Patti”, a game in which one of the players is blindfolded, and then murders him with a blunt object. (source) Yowza. Remind me not to play Do Patti. (The motive was a series of alleged threats from the boyfriend.)

San Bernadino, CA: Man shoots at his brother (and mistakenly hits his sister-in-law) when the brother tries to call an end to a game of poker at which the man was losing. (source)

Wilmington, NC: 70 year old man shot in the head at a card game. (source)

Casper, MT: Man gets thrown out of poker game, trashes several trays of poker chips outside, gets arrested and is discovered to have marijuana in his pockets. (source)

Alexandria, LA: Man rams wife’s car after discovering her playing cards with her ex-boyfriend. (source)

Albuquerque, NM: Stockbroker who stole money from his clients to support his gambling addictions is …. um … sentenced by a judge to gamble for six months in order to win money to pay back his clients. WTF? (source)

Milwaukee, WI: Woman asks man for money, he gives her a dollar to gamble in a card game, she loses and asks for more, he doesn’t give it, he allegedly starts to beat her and she stabs him to death. Crack was involved. (source)

Georgetown, SC: Robber suspect accused of robbing a card game is caught after a few escapes. (source)

Harrisburg, PA: Police looking for a man who robbed a card game. (source)

Indianapolis, IN: Deputy arrested for punching and breaking someone’s jaw at a card game. (source)

Florence, SC: One man slashes another at a Dominoes game. (source)

Hong Kong: 176 arrested for illegal gambling. (source)

Ogema, MI: One man stabs another at a card game. (source)

Tulsa, OK: 21 arrested for illegal gambling. (source)