Spin Master keeps putting out crazy new types of Bakugan. The transformations of BakuMorph Bakugan aren’t finished when sprung by a gate card. The legs, wings, and tails of these figures extend even further to create Bakugan that tower over their opponents.

In September and October, other radical Bakugan being released include:

  • Two core Bakugan that split when landing on a gate card—Sky and Gaia, which transforms in to two separate creatures, and Dartaak, which when activated, half of it shoots forward.
  • Three core Bakugan that have buttons for “double-strike action”—Blitz Dragonoid with fists that spring from the sides, Phantom Dharak with two large pincers, and Aksela with wings revealed around a central eye.
  • Four Super Assault BakuganQuakix Gorem winds up to rumble on the battlefield, Ziperator spins in to battle charged by a zip line, Irisca has a rotating LED eye, and Gyrazor has spinning mandibles.