Callisto is a tile-laying game that looks and plays remarkably similar to the hit game Blokus. What’s different?

  • Tiles must touch orthogonally, not diagonally.
  • You have three single piece tiles; place two at the beginning of the game anywhere you want, and place the third anywhere you want later during the game. Use the third piece if you need to start a new field, or to block a field someone else is using.
  • Unlike Blokus, Callisto plays naturally with 2, 3, or 4 players.
  • It’s uglier.

Blokus is a fantastic game, and Callisto looks to be about the same. Are they strategically identical? Probably not. A small change in the rule-set is sometimes enough to make a big change in the strategy. Still, I would be hesitant to buy both, unless money and space was no object.