Force Attax. It’s a CC-barely-a-G, of the Top Trumps variety. Welcome to yet another series of cards based on the Star Wars franchise. (source)

Thwart Poker. Flip cards face up, each player secretly selects which cards to play with. Any cards chosen by more than one player become worthless. Highest poker hand wins.

The Hunger Games: Training Days. From Wizkids/NECA. One BGG reviewers says it’s poor quality components and a poor game.

Back to the Future card game. From Looney Labs, based on the Chrononauts engine. Looney Labs is a successful company, but their games just don’t inspire me. Sorry.


A Chess computer will actually be a commentator (not a player) in the next Chess Olympics. (source)

World number 1 chess player Magnus Carlsen takes on the world in the Raw World Chess Challenge. (source)