ProFantasy Software’s Cosmographer add-on to Campaign Cartographer is finally out in version 3! Cosmographer 3 adds new galaxy and solar system map types, including 3-D perspective maps, and deckplan drawing features, including new bitmapped symbols and automated design functions. Cosmographer can be used for a wide range of sci-fi board game, miniature game, or RPG projects, but it has a number of features especially designed and approved for Traveller. It will produce the unique sector and subsector maps, can import sector data in standard format, can draw icosahedral world maps, and has templates for deckplans.

For those not already familiar with ProFantasy’s products, Campaign Cartographer is specialized map-making software for games. It’s a high-end, sophisticated, CAD-like product that would reasonably be described as complex. To purchase all the add-ons and support products would cost about $600. But for a starting price of $45 for the base software and $40 for Cosmographer, gamers can produce drawings like this: