See Through Games is a defunct company by John O’Neill that created Paradice, a gorgeous-looking game with an intriguing philosophy coupled with tepid game play. O’Neil received at least two patents, both after the company had already folded.

Paradice has now risen from the dead, apparently, in the form of gameWhys, Games of Conscious Living. They offer both the regular and deluxe versions of the game ($50 and $300, respectively). They also offer a few other games: two $13 card games (Paradice the card game and Ice Cap), and a $79 double deck of cards.

Digging a little deeper, the copy on the site occasionally calls its company Admcadiam instead of GameWhys. Admcadiam is the name John has given to his life philosophy. I think he wanted to use the name for his company ( is described as John’s game company on several other sites), but the URL is currently owned by a box packing company.