PASH stands for Print and Shipped Board Games. Like Cheapass Games, its founder David Bush believes that people should print and scrounge for the easy components of a game, and only have to pay for components that are unique. He’s looking for a half-dozen designers to try out his publishing system.

His first game effort is the game he was trying to publish (but which was rejected by three major publishers), Lies & Spies, which he publishes under the brand Payper Board Games. L&S is part trivia game, part Clue. One player plays a CIA agent, and the other plays a terrorist intent on blowing up a US embassy. Give clues to the other player until he or she can guess your country, famous person, and mammal (all of this makes sense, somehow). Win by guessing all the clues and then being the first to get to the embassy.

The PASH system is to supposed to make things cheaper. However, unless I grossly misunderstand his model, David wants to charge $10 for three sets of clue cards, which would allow you to play the game a whopping three times before exhausting the game play. Each additional set of three plays is another $10. I’m guessing that you should be able to create your own, pretty easily.