Update: Brian was kind enough to write to me and politely ask me to clarify some issues. Here goes …

RSV Productions, makers of Jishaku, has created a cubical word forming game called Scruble. I was given a heads up by Brian Maggio of Revenew Sales who is helping to promote the game.

I read the rules, but I can’t tell much about the game from them other than that you look for words, even if they bend around the cube’s sides. Bonus points for using certain spaces and for intersecting previously found words.

The game still has no information on line, no site, no connection with RSV, no presence on Amazon, and a bare entry on Facebook. Then again, the game only officially launches on Oct 1, so I perhaps I’m being premature.

Brian: The launch date is in fact Oct. 1st. For this reason, it should be no surprise that there is little information about the product out there. Half the battle in this industry is maintaining excitement by launching the marketing campaign in conjunction with the product.

And seriously? A word search game called Scruble? After what Scrabulous went through, couldn’t they have thought of a name that is a little less contentious?

Brian: We presented the concept to Hasbro (makers of Scrabble), and they have full knowledge of the launch and have given their authorization. That is the difference between us and the “Scrabulous” folks – we are active members of the industry, and engage other manufacturers with respect and a healthy concern for their Intellectual Property.

Here’s a little clue (Update: link to Alibaba removed) as to how much the materials actually cost to produce.

Brian: Your link to Alibaba (sourcing site) is misleading. The product is in the patent process, and the name is trademarked. As a result, your referral [is] to the website … of some unscrupulous factory employee who chose to “leak” information about this product to other sources. We are in the process of a cease and desist on this activity … Small companies like RSV are the lifeblood of innovation in our industry, and factory knockoffs are a daily threat to the funnel of creativity that makes the Game industry so unique …