OK, OK. I know we’ve already posted a Second Look of Heroes of Graxia, but Petroglyph was nice enough to send me a review copy, so I thought I’d  post some additional thoughts on the game.

So you know Heroes of Graxia is one of the newer games that follows the trend of deck building games. I’ve never played Dominion or Thunderstone, so I can’t really compare this to either of those. I’m also not going to rehash what we’ve already covered about the game.

What I will talk about is how enamored I’ve become with the game after my first play. I admit the rules could have been written better, but we caught on pretty fast about 1/3 of the way through our first game. The biggest thing that stood out to me in Heroes is the amount of forward thinking you have to do. At all times you need to make sure you’re legion is strong enough to kill monsters, that you’re legion can withstand an attack from your opponents, and that you’re using gold wisely to buy both powerful cards, and cards that are worth enough victory points at the end.

The game ends when the monster deck is depleted, or a player earns a certain amount of prestige points (the number of which is decided by how many players are playing the game.) I should mention the only way to earn prestige points is by attacking other players and defeating their units.

There’s a lot of game in the tiny box, and it’s a game I see myself coming back to again and again. Now all I need is some card protectors, and some expansions!