The big news in Bakugan this fall is the premier of two huge new figures, Dragonoid Colossus and Dharak Colossus. Dragonoid Colussus is constructed by attaching four Battle Gear to the transformation hub and then dropping in Battalix Dragonoid. Wow, watch that thing pop!

Dharak Colossus is Dragonoid Colossus’ rival and is assembled with two Battle Gear, Smashtor and Riptor, and activated with the Brawlacus Dharak core Bakugan.

Bakugan Mobile Assault, including Jakalier and Impalaton, are vehicles for core Bakugan to ride in to battle. When landing on an appropriate Gate card, both will spring in to action and the G-Power of the Mobile Assault can be added to the passenger Bakugan.

Coming up in November and December are nine new core Bakugan, four new Battle Gear, four new Super Assault, and another Mobile Assault. My favorites of the bunch are Ramdol Bakugan for its speed, Volt Elezoid Super Assault for its large tentacles and red-glowing eye, and Terrix Gear Battle Gear for its huge rotating blades.