The Swindon Advertiser pimps the game scene together with Mongoose Games. (source)

The Wall Street Journal pimps MahJong. (source)

The Irish Times pimps a statewide school program where kids bring in a board game to play. (source)

The Ealing Gazette pimps Gavin Birnbaum, designer of Cubiko. (source)

The Topeka-Capital Journal pimps a Monopoly tournament benefit that took place in jail, though the players were not inmates. (source) I’m not entirely sure why, since the benefit was not for the jail.

In the Australian Herald Sun, comedian Hamish Blake disses Monopoly Revolution. (source)

In The Eloquent Peasant, Margaret Maitland does a fine job pimping Senet. (source)

Quarterly Profits

Games Workshop doubles its profits with smaller stores and raised prices. (source)

Mattel scares investors with foreign-exchange issues, though Toy Story 3 performed well. Hasbro sales are up on Magic: the Gathering, games and puzzles, and a new Nerf gun (Stampede). (source)