Proposition wagering card game – A design patent:

Electronic table top board game – From Pierre Jolicoeur. Some kind of unicycle-rider tabletop dexterity game.

Board game – By Adrian Moore. Actually a toy, you tilt the board until the ball rolls out of the center and then use the front or rear guards and a flipping motion to return the ball to the center. Supposedly you should buy several of these to time yourself against other players.

Draw for battleA CCG from Anthony Caputo. Doesn’t seem to actually exist.

Card game device – A design patent:

I haven’t a clue.

Game system using RFID tags – From RCD Technology. Here is the entire “Background” section of their patent: “Board games are a popular type of games which typically use game pieces that are positioned or moved on a board. Examples include chess, Go, Sorry and Monopoly.”

As near as I can tell from this extremely short (5 pages, including drawings) patent, they have just patented the idea of using RFID chips in the boards and pieces of any game. Right.

Card game based on results from a sporting event – From our good friends, Cantor Fitzgerald Patent Holdings. Yet another patent for determining the outcome of a game (this time a card game) based on the outcome of a horse race.

Baseball board game – A baseball board game whose unique advantage is that it does not appear to play anything like baseball.

Draw vs. stud 3-card casino poker game – Essentially, “The players play a draw poker game against a dealer’s stud poker hand. Each player’s hand contains fewer cards than the dealer’s hand, but the game is resolved with final hands of equal amount of cards.”

Card game with common card removal – Hold’em, where the game starts with a greater number of cards turned face up and cards are removed one at a time at random.