Catawba, KY: One man stabs another at a poker game. (source)

Kalamazoo, MI: One man interrupts a dice game to shoot one of the players three times. (source)

Rome, GA: Man arrested for gambling with dice and possession of a firearm. (source)

Singapore: Chinese national steals casino chips and impersonates an adult at a game of Sic Bo. (source)

Lady Lake, FL: Man claims that the counterfeit bills found on him after he was arrested for DUI were going to be used in a game of Monopoly. (source) You read that right: he wanted to use counterfeit Monopoly money.

Sydney, Australia: Disturbed man takes breaks from torturing and raping his ex-girlfriend to play board games and have a BBQ with her. (source)

Boulder, CO: D&D player arrested at a con on suspicion of real-life bank and car robberies. (source, via)

Shreveport, LA: One shot dead at a Dominoes game; drinking involved. (source)