The 16th Asian Games, held every four years, just finished. In addition to close to 10,000 athletes participating in sports, board game competitions were held, including Chess, Go, and XiangQi. (source)

There are allegations that Turkey bribed voters to secure their country as the location for the 2012 Chess Olympiad. The Turkish Chess Federation denied the allegations. (source)

R.I.P. Larry Evans, American Chess champion, journalist, and contributor to Chess computer games. (source)


If Chess clocks aren’t your thing, try a Chess set from Seletti with a built-in time factor: the pieces are made out of candles.

Piero Benzoni designs some expensive and ornate tables, pieces, and sets. Pianki carries some, such as these Medioevale Stile (Medieval Style) Gold and Silver Themed Chess Pieces selling for just over $113,000.

You can find one Benzoni set on Amazon: the Piero Benzoni Renaissance Gold and Silver Theme Chess Set for a paltry $9,000.