Here’s a roundup of projects up for crowdsourcing on various sites. Projects that are over-funded still get you a copy of the game and usually some other benefits.


Company Project Description Goal Raised Days to Go
Tasty Minstrel Games Eminent Domain Deck building game 20,000 34,557 7
Gaming Paper Gaming Paper Adventures Mapping paper for RPGs 3,500 6,873 16
Living Worlds Games 1955: The War of Espionage Board Game 2-player card game (*) 7,500 1,551 50
Adventurers Atlas Royal City Custom map Star Wars mini maps 1,100 368 47
Hostage Entertainment Mob Ties: The Board Game Mafia themed board game 10,500 2,550 61
Paradice Games 1 Piece of Artwork for a Card Art for a card 85 85 23
Lori McDonald POLAR ECLIPSE, a game of time and temperature Environment themed board game 6,000 840 55
SWM Gamers Destiny of the Force Virtual Set Star Wars mini set 1,800 2,800 14
Wicked North Games Azamar Fantasy RPG 1,100 115 13
Dan Verssen Games Vendetta – The Gangster Card Game Mafia themed card game 5,000 175 35
Table Star Games Scoops Kids card game 3,000 390 64
D. B. Game Designs RVMF-Hercules Starship description book for Traveler RPG 2,500 0 70

(*) These guys are Purple Pawn sponsors.


Company Project Description Goal Raised Days to Go
Oak Tree Games Virtue Cards Christian virtues on playing cards 5,000 260 45
Parkersburg Gaming and Supply Self-promotion Advertising for the store (*) 5,000 0 14
Ages Gaming Cursehunter RPG Near future RPG 500 0 43
Ender’s Games Store setup Funds to create a gaming space and start store 7,500 0 14

(*) Near as I can tell, the only thing you get for your pledge is 10% of your pledge back as a store discount.


Company Project Description Goal Raised Days to Go
Arimaa World Champion Sponsorship Sponsor the world championships 1,000 10 40