If you have a bad financial year, you might look for games at a discount. But you’re not the Estonian Ministry of Agriculture.

Estonia had a pretty fast rising economy for a while, until the current financial crisis hit it hard. But the Agriculture Ministry is buying 500 copies of Agricola [1] from Brain Games for 44.10 EUR each, instead of buying them for the going rate of 33.15 EUR (from Brain Games; I couldn’t find the game on their site). The difference (actually, the entire price) comes out of Estonians’ pockets.

According to a Google translation of the original Estonian press-release, act this knew none for which Internet the future said. [2]


[1] To encourage Estonians to become farmers. Really.

[2] Actually, a minister at the ministry said that they already knew they were buying at higher than the Internet rate, while someone at Brain Games said that this will spur someone into translating the game into Estonian. Or something like that.