Spin Master would like you to know that they have shipped over 250 million Bakugan units. (source)

The Metro pimps a game Animal Adventure, designed by 7 year old Scott Balantyne. (source)

Ball Bearings pimps the local Muncie store Wizard’s Keep. (source)

The Deccan Chronicle pimps games, including 100 Really Dumb Things, Picky Sticks, Now What?, Too Many Monkeys, Richard Scarry Busy Town, Letter Roll, and Creationary. (source)

Irish Times pimps Scrabble Trickster. (source)

Mother Earth News pimps the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Cool It! card game. (source)

The Workingham Times pimps Phil Annets and his game Whirred Play. (source)

Dunstable Today pimps Tom Lennet and his game Numenko. (source)

On Monopoly’s 75th anniversary (at Hasbro), CNN pimps a hand-drawn version from the Holocaust. (source)

The Portland Mercury disses some stupid modern board game, including Gassy Gus, Monopoly Electronic Banking, Battle of the Sexes – Battle Continues, and Play-Doh Burger Builder. (source)