I’ve been on the lookout for a board game about this topic for some years now. Turns out there are – possibly – two.

Manchester Public Health Development Service lists a game “Time of the Month” (South Base catalog number G.29.01). The game is described as a “Game about the menstrual cycle designed for use with groups of young women who already know something about or have begun learning about the menstrual cycle.” The game was mentioned in a 1987 newsletter and is rumored to have once been available at the Institute of Education library in London. I don’t have any other information about it.

We finally have another. At Index’s Design to Improve Life, one of their challenges for 2010 is an educational tool to improve the situation for girls reaching puberty in the developing world, where stigma, taboo, misinformation, and lack of privacy, sanitation, and facilities can cause problems, especially at school.

The Indian-based Design for Learning has created a board game about menstrual hygiene to address these problems.