Seek and find game with shifting three-dimensional underlay – By Forrest-Pruzan Creative. A game of searching for items in a box. The box can have variable items.

Apparatus for a card game with certain fixed actions – Cantor Fitzgerald. During poker, the computer instructs or forces you to take certain actions, such as raise or draw.

Multi-hand electronic blackjack gameCryptologic. As the title.

Player ranking with partial information – A player ranking system like ELO where not all games are concluded and some player or team information is missing. 34 pages of math that I didn’t follow.

Board game set – A design patent from Maple Toys (Japan).

Three-card game without poker ranking – A betting game based on highest card in a three-card draw.

Board gameEnrichment, The Game.

Orbitrace–racing game – A 3D roll and move game called Orbitrace, plays something like Pachisi.

Dice game apparatus – A debating dice game. The abstract:

A game of defending statements with persuasive arguments consisting of a tossing bag, a “frequency” block, two equivalent “equation” blocks; three “verb” blocks and ten “noun” blocks, a number of which are shook inside the bag, then tossed onto a table top by a so-called author who then must form and then refine a statement from the words and symbols on the face up topsides of the tossed blocks, then contrive an argument based upon the statement meant to result in the articulation of a discernible concept, challengeable however by non-author players of the game; then requiring a defense of such an argument, resulting in an awarding of playing points or not depending upon the assessment by a majority of such non-author players as to the merits of such an argument or defense whereupon one; once an author-player; then becomes a challenger-player as another player, formerly a challenger then becomes an author.

Board game – A design patent.