In the second episode of the new Canadian sitcom Men With Brooms (small town, four curler players, associated female interests, something like a Canadian version of How I Met Your Mother), two of the characters take a few days to play Smugglers of Kablam!, a send-up of Eurogames and Eurogamers … sort of.

The game not-too-subtly pokes fun at Settlers of Catan, liberally using the Eurogame’s graphics and fonts. The main character even refers to the game’s designer by name. However, Smugglers is played with dozens of over-sized hexes on several levels (with sci-fi-like plastic stands), dozens of resources, big fat purple d20s, and various large wooden pieces. It takes all day to set up, sets up differently for different numbers of players, and takes six hours to play.

The game also, not surprisingly, appears to play quite randomly, with the dice and the drawn cards determining most of the results. Almost as if designed by a non-gamer who tried Settlers of Catan once and decided that it was too complicated.

You can watch the episode online here, but only if you live in Canada.