In addition to the previously covered Superhero Tarot … here are a few more examples of unusual in the way of tarot decks.

Alice in Wonderland Tarot:

PicTarot (info):

Quantum Physics Tarot, a work in progress.

I don’t know if the above is related to this: Quantum Tarot: A Tarot of New Physics.

But it’s not related to Physics Tarot:

And not related to Science Tarot:

Lord Of The Rings Tarot:

H. P. Lovecraft Tarot ($466):

Lots of Japanese anime and manga tarot, including (a sampling):

Manga Tarot:

Full Metal Alchemist Tarot:

and Pokemon Tarot:

Steve Jackson Games created the Silicon Valley Tarot:

Gummy Bear Tarot:

Hello Kitty Tarot (aka Hello, Tarot; go kitty!):

8-bit Tarot (real cards, not online):

Salvador Dali Tarot (the deck itself was designed by Dali, not just thrown together later by someone; also on sale at his museum):