While Askimet has been working well for the past two years, it recently introduced a bug of some kind. We reinstalled a previous version, which prompted us to update our Askimet key, whereupon we were informed that we would now have to pay for their services. As a result, we have dropped Askimet.

In its place we have installed three different WordPress anti-spam plugins, none of which should be visible to our readers. If they cause you any problems, please contact us at shadejon@gmail.com (my email filtering still works fine).

While we have your attention, remember to do your Amazon or DriveThruRPG holiday shopping through our affiliate links. If not through us, then at least give affiliate link love to your favorite blogger or site; no sense in wasting it. If you buy from any site to which we linked, tell them you came from us.

Don’t forget charities (for example), shelters, and hospitals. Purple Pawn doesn’t need donations, but we appreciate your readership, subscription, comment, promotion, and inbound links.

Happy holidays.