The Naperville Patch promotes Glenn Anton and his apparently successful holiday game company Anton Publications, with games like the Christmas Trivia Game. (source)

The Olympic Fanatic promotes the Olympic Challenge Board Game. (source)

The Morris Daily Herald promotes the Grundy County preschool program and its promotion of puzzles and board games for children. (source)

Fox Boston promotes Mary Ann Cyr and Olelo. (source)

The BBC promotes Richard Taylor and his game Go Green! (source)

The Waltham Forest Guardian promotes David McGranaghan and his game Game for Fame. (source)

The Wichita Eagle promotes board and cards games, including Phase 10, Trouble, Blink, Apples to Apples Junior, LCR, Electronic Catch Phrase, and Rack-O. (source)

The Hedge Funds Review promotes Billionaire Tycoon. (source) promotes Ed Greenberger and Stan Loveman and their game Wavelength. (source) A bit of a fight is brewing in the comments to the post.

The Lawrence Journal World & News promotes Norma Herdman and her game Family Night Out. (source)