The St Louis Post-Dispatch promotes Cort Hubbard and his game Quarterback King. (source)

USA Today promotes Daryl Hannah and her games Liebrary and Call It. (source)

The Mainichi Daily News promotes Kenko (Healthy) Mahjong, which simply means playing Mahjong without gambling, smoking, or drinking. (source)

The Daily Yomiuri promotes local Monopoly editions. (source)

The Guardian takes a look at the original Monopoly London and the streets that once featured in it. (source)

Ask Evelyn promotes some games including Spelloker, Konexi, Spotcha, Dr. Seuss What’s in the Cat’s Hat?, LEGO Hogwarts Game, Sounds Like a Plan, and Go Fish for Ancient Egypt. (source)

The Macon Telegraph promotes Pokemon players. (source) I see an article promoting Pokemon players about once every week or two.

The Tampa Tribune promotes Michael Sistrunk and his game 5 Second Rule. (source)

bit-tech reviews Space Alert. (source)