Deepsea Desperation is a free print-and-play environmental board game from Greenpeace. In a stunning move, Greenpeace realized that smarts in environmentalism does not necessarily equal smarts in board game design, so they asked a successful board game design team to make the game for them: Terror Bull Games, designers of War on Terror.

The game has simple (mildly rude) graphics, and looks to be an abstract two-player strategy game. It’s Greenpeace vs an oil drilling ship. On its turn, Greenpeace can move, create a nature reserve, or land on the driller and force it to pay legal fees. On its turn, the driller can move, unmake a nature reserve, or drill. The driller wins if he gets 12 coins. Greenpeace wins if the driller goes bankrupt or they succeed in making every square a nature reserve (I can’t see how that is possible, since the driller can unmake reserve squares on his turn, every turn; but I’d have to play to see for sure).

Everyone loses (so to speak) if an animal goes extinct from an accumulation of oil rig blowouts.