By now, with the base game, four expansions, and various promotional decks, you’ll have five boxes and about 1,800 cards of Dominion. That’s a lot to manage, particularly if you’re carrying it away from home. Also, if you’re like me and got the heavy-duty card sleeves then the cards don’t fit back in the plastic slots (fits fine, though, with the regular Mayday sleeves).

Thank goodness for Ken Chaney. Rather than continue to wait for Rio Grande, this entrepreneurial fellow decided to meet the demand for a storage solution himself. Ken designed a set of plastic dividers that fits in the original box, separates and labels each of the card sets, holds the cards upright and in-place, and accommodates the tokens, coins, and mats that come in the expansions. He even secured a license for labels using the game’s original art!

Ken is selling his rack-and-divider solution $30 plus shipping through the Board Game Geek Marketplace. Be patient, though. The Marketplace system only allows him to post one at a time and they’re selling quickly.

I’ve already ordered mine.