The Greater Games Industry Catalog is a quarterly directory of the hobby game industry, covering mostly US and mostly publishers and distributors. It contains contact and inventory information for around 7-800 companies and 45,000 products (by order number and MSRP). In addition, it contains a small amount of information on non-US companies as well as several articles on the industry in each issue.

They have sent me complimentary copies of the last three issues. It is aimed mostly at retailers and distributors, but it also alerts news people to me to new and/or retired products.

Spielen in Österreich publishes an annual game catalog for the European market called Game by Game. It is published in German, but is also available in English. They sent me one of each. I don’t have much use for the German one, but the English one is a nice color overview of 850 games available on the market.

These guys also publish a monthly magazine WIN with blurbs about roughly the same number of new games in German and English.

Model Retailer publishes a Hobby Directory of die-cast models, model railroad, plastic models, radio control, and other specialty items.


Toy Directory publishes a website and a monthly magazine on toys and games. Their site acts as a catalog for toy and game info.

ICv2 publishes monthly and quarterly sales rankings for hobby games, RPGs, CCGs, and comics in the hobby and mainstream sector. It also carries news on these and other pop culture matters.

BoardGameNews maintains a complete list of upcoming and recently published hobby games, especially around Essen time. BGN is having some web troubles right now.

And, of course, BGG maintains user-contributed information every board, card, CCG, and RPG.