The Torontoist promoted Toronto’s board game cafe, Snakes and Lattes. Apparently it’s doing well. (source)

The Telegraph (IL) promotes Carmelyn Calvert and his game Square Shooters. (source)

In the video gaming mag Kill Screen, Gus Mastrapa writes a feature about game board designer extraordinaire Mike Doyle. (source)

The Daily Mail (and others) suggests that nine year old Scott Ballantyne’s Advent-ure game is selling well at Harrods. (source)

West Islip’s Patch space features a number of local toy, game, and comic stores. (source)

CNN’s IBNLive, an Indian news channel, proposes that board games are making a comeback. Groan. (source)

The Ozarks Unbound’s holiday gift guide includes The Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, Forbidden Island, Small World, Dungeon And Dragons Starter Set, and Dragon Age, Set 1. (source)