Male chess players adopt riskier strategies when playing against more attractive women. (source)

India sets world record in number of simultaneous Chess players in one location: 22,480. (source)

Obset: The Chess 1812 (source):

Several sources also covered news of various young Chess prodigies, which I’m skipping.

Old Games

5,000 year old dice pits found in Mexico. (source)

Handmade Charles Darros Monopoly set sells for $150,000. (source)


Wizards updates the banned/restricted list for Magic. (source)

The World of Warcraft TCG has a new site. (source)

Card Games

Harry Reid (D – Nev) wants to legalize online poker to make money for the federal government. (source) Michael Brown, a Washington D.C. Council member, wants to legalize fantasy sports and online blackjack to make money for D.C. (source)

The World Development Movement provides an online Blackjack game with information about how financial gambling over food prices leads to starvation in poorer areas of the world. (source)