Fantastic! Two more games using the Commands & Colors system from designer Richard Borg. Between Memoir ’44, Commands & Colors: Ancients, and BattleLore I only have about 20 C&C games and expansions so far.

Seriously, it’s a great tactical combat system and I’ve really been looking forward to these two.

Commands & Colors: Napoleonics is being published by GMT Games and includes French, British, and Portuguese units. Differentiating it from earlier versions of the game, in Napoleonics the effectiveness of combat units degrades as they take damage. Also, the troops of each nation have unique advantages. For example, French infantry are strong at hand-to-hand combat, while British forces prefer to line up and shoot.

Battle Cry is actually a new edition of the first C&C game to be published. It covers the American Civil War, includes over 100 plastic miniatures, and is published by Wizards of the Coast.