Back in October I had posted about New World Colony, a board game released for the iPad.

Since then I’ve had the opportunity to play the game, and even got early access to version 3 (which is now in the App Store)

The game really does feel like a cross between The Settlers of Catan and Risk. Every turn you get resources from the tiles you own, which let you build forts, walls, seaports, mills, etc… You also use resources and gold to invade adjacent tiles that don’t belong to you.

There’s several game modes with various winning conditions, several map sizes, and now there’s even the ability to play single player against the computer.  Mutliplayer is seamless and simple using Apple’s Game Center, and there’s even 17 achievements to earn.

The base game is free, and I highly recommend you pick it up if you have an iPad. If you really enjoy it, there’s some unlock-able extras for a small fee.

Erik Asmussen provided a free copy of the unlocked game for review purposes.